The Invisible Folk Club - Podcast

It was a lovely and surreal experience joining the Invisible Folk Club for the afternoon a little while ago, it made me look at how storywheel and I approach our songs with new eyes for a moment, I'm not sure how I'd feel if I'd regularly have to analyse where my instincts take me, but it was fascinating all the same, it's always interesting hearing Keith talk too, it makes me realise how little I know about him (and don't tell him, but he is very interesting), and John Bickley and Steve Yarwood's enthusiasm is wonderful. You can listen and subscribe to their Invisible Folk Club podcast now on iTunes, or listen Spotify or download, the links are all below.

"Top class new podcast released today, there's been something of a buzz around this one. Please share with your friends. Host Jon Bickley shares songs and conversation with Catherine Earnshaw Music & storywheel. It's the quiet joys of voice and oud. Catherine has previously performed as an unaccompanied singer, in recent times she has been working with storywheel to perform folk songs of the British Isles, but with an unusual dimension. Beautiful and emotive vocals float over music that mixes Middle East and North African influences. Storywheel (aka Keith Clouston, formerly of Transglobal Underground) creates the atmosphere with Oud (Arab lute), voice, percussion and occasional drones."

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