Where are you from?

A while ago some friends were talking about disliking a question which comes up in folk music.

Where are you from?

A way of generally finding out what tradition you might sing in I think or a way to work out who you might be. The negative taken from this being a judgement, that if you are from a place you may be expected to sing its songs, and if you don’t, you are in someway wrong. (Thanks Ewan)

I don’t think where you are from has to be where you were born or where you grew up or where you live, or where your family are from, it can be all of these, any of them or none of them, so I am reclaiming it.

When you close your eyes and look out of the windows in the Home you have built out of everything you are in your heart, what do you see? What do you hear? The sea? The mountains? Birds? Rows of bleak lonely houses? A cityscape from high above? A Greek island?

When people ask where you are from what they should really be asking is where your heart is at home, where geographically in the world inspires you to sing. What landscape your soul rambles in.

Where are you from? I’m fascinated, I’m not afraid to ask, and I genuinely want to know.