1000 Folk Songs

I'm going to learn and record 1000 folk songs, this may take a while, we've done the maths; still there are plenty unrecorded as yet, so I've got a good head start. They will mostly be traditional, some will be because I love them. You might find a couple of these accompanied if you are lucky as I've recorded a couple with storywheel.

  1. Geordie
  2. Rambleaway
  3. Silver Dagger
  4. Twa Corbies
  5. Salisbury Plain
  6. What A Voice
  7. Go Away From My Window
  8. Quiet Joys of Brotherhood
  9. False, False
  10. Cruel Mother
  11. The Snow It Melts the Soonest
  12. My Son David
  13. London Lights
  14. Young Waters
  15. Blue Bleezin' Blind Drunk (Mickey's Warning)
  16. Pretty Saro
  17. King of Rome
  18. No Man's Land / Green Fields of France
  19. Slieve Galleon Braes
  20. What will we do if we have no money?
  21. The Welcome Sailor
  22. The Weavers four Daughters
  23. The Recruited Collier
  24. The Oak and the Ash
  25. The Nutting Girl
  26. The Factory Girl
  27. Star O the Bar
  28. Maids When You're Young
  29. Maid in the Garrett
  30. Katy Cruel
  31. I Once Lived in Service
  32. I am Stretched on your Grave
  33. High Germany
  34. He Fades Away
  35. Hard Times of Old England
  36. Freeborn Man of the Travelling People
  37. Flash Company
  38. Doffin' Mistress
  39. Crow on the Cradle
  40. Courting is a Pleasure
  41. Bold Doherty
  42. Blackwaterside
  43. The Blacksmith